Arts and Social Change – Wiltshire

3_notmakingthemost‘We are not making the most of people.’
Artist: Joseph Holders, Arts and Social Change Wiltshire

The Royal Society of Arts is working in partnership with Wiltshire Council on the Community Campus programme, which aims to bring together vital services within each local area in the county in such a way that is shaped by local people and partners. Part of the role of the RSA is to support those developing the campus in their area to find creative and new ways of working as well as engaging the wider community in seeing their places afresh.

The Arts and Social Change programme explores how artistic processes play a central and critical role in evolving creative solutions as a part of systemic change and yield benefits back to all who take part. The programme has been developed with the RSA with the recently completed Citizen Power Peterborough and within the current programme, RSA Wiltshire.

The programme is in its final and third year and has generated a wide range of projects, including Pass it On, a commission centred upon walking and held in the summer of 2014. Each project continually seeks creative ideas and approaches to support the development of the Community Campus programme. Another component of this programme was commissioning a diverse range of artists to visually respond to key statements made in interviews across Wiltshire regarding the challenges and aspirations of the campus programme. The artwork on this page is accompanied by its’ related statement as an example of these.

‘The campus can act as a hub to spend time in, have a cup of coffee.’
Artist: Chris Gylee
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