Arts and Society places creativity and imagination at the heart of change for society. Our work seeks to strengthen the visibility and value of the arts within society and also to see the role of society within arts practices.

We’re interested in the spaces in the middle that enable new experiences, new conversations, learning and taking risks that can often only come from meeting in the middle in neutral and safe places.

We do work that creates this space with others. We bridge the worlds of research, culture and public services, exploring culture change in all three and how one can add real benefit to the other. Our current work in this role is with local government, cultural networks and in partnerships between the creative and higher education communities.

We’re interested in long term relationships with places that value what is already there. We’re interested in working with people who might not see themselves as normally part of conversations about change in society. We’re interested in working with people who are connectors – translating practice from one domain to another, those who cross different working cultures and different places.

We’re interested in real change, happening now.


  • 'The twentieth century has transformed the entire planet from a finite world of certainties to an infinite world of questioning and doubt. So if ever there was a need to stimulate creative imagination and initiative on the part of individuals, communities and whole societies the time is now. The notion of creativity can no longer be restricted to the arts. It must be applied across the full spectrum of human problem-solving.'–World Commission on Culture and Development, UNESCO

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