Recovery Island Discs

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Arts and Society developed Recovery Islands Discs with the Wiltshire Addiction Service based on the idea of Desert Island Discs as part of Wiltshire’s Arts and Health conference in 2014. The project arose through the aspiration of developing a new kind of conversation across the whole of a service with commissioners, providers, providers in related services and services users.

Working through the arts, in this case, particularly through music, enabled participants to develop new relationships rooted in this experience rather than just through the professional roles they hold. Often the arts are targeted towards specific groups such as service users or within professional development programmes but rarely as a mechanism for culture change across a service. Working across a service is a vital part of finding new ways of collaborating across sectors. This work continues to develop in 2015.


  • We desperately need art and culture to fuel the social innovation that we, as societies, and the planet so desperately need. We need new ideas, new ways of doing things and we need a whole new way of approaching each other with more empathy and understanding. While new ideas can come from a lot of places, I think that arts and culture are vital to stimulating our creativity and our way of thinking about solutions.–Uffe Elbaek Former Minister for Culture, Denmark

    With thanks to The Art of Life, Missions Models Money and Common Cause