Innovation Forum

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In 2012, leaders across the city of Peterborough decided to explore how they collaborated, communicated and led on joint agendas to improve ways of working together and delivering public services. The ambition was to foster a new city-wide leadership ethos that embraces public, voluntary and private services and inspires innovative working practice. They did so through a creative programme facilitated by Arts and Society within the RSA and The Map Consortium called the Innovation Forum. This was part of a ten-year transformation agenda with a set of underlying principles that required a substantial shift of working culture in city-wide service delivery. The Innovation Forums work with creative practice to help make this happen. The programme is now run by the Map Consortium and continues in 2015.

The lit chair serves as a metaphor for a core issue in the city
as city leaders discuss the relationship their service has with it.
Photo credit: Subadassi

  • 'We need to be together differently in order to do together differently.'–Peterborough’s city leaders adopted this guide as a rationale for working with creative practice