Creative Gatherings 

Artist: Chris Gylee
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Creative Gatherings have arisen from a range of arts based initiatives over the last decade and can generate new ways of working and new networks through creative practice. They are meeting spaces with a difference. We have been using this approach for many years in different projects and can see distinctive elements:

  • They offer a neutral and independent space for the exploration of ideas free from associations with a single agenda or group/institution.
  • Creative practice is an integral part as a means for opening up dialogue and generating new ideas.
  • They are inclusive – participants come from a broad spectrum of practices, working lives, ages and backgrounds and difference is prioritised with invitations and design.

Creative Gatherings can influence a different kind of conversation through ‘holding’ a space that contains tensions and opposing views within it and yet, are flexible and inviting enough for participants to maintain that flexibility. Sharing food is also a common factor in encouraging new ways of working and sharing ideas more directly.

A recent example of this approach can be found in this case study from the RSA’s Citizen Power Peterborough. 


Screen Shot Creative Gatherings case study
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Have a look at the Facebook created for the Arts and Social Change programme in RSA Wiltshire.